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These are many of the photos from the workshop Jon Strawn and I helped out with in Perth.AU late last year…. planning soon to blog some of my observations and cogitations that have been simmering for a couple of months now… veeeeery interesting elements bubbled up from our live action experiments… more soon…

Wireless wilderness

first time I’ve had access to wireless in two weeks. Only other alternative has been Internet cafes. But the bakeries and beer are great! Gonna gain ten pounds!

And the Roos are a hoot! And the emus! And parrots and cockatoos endlessly ammusing. But the sheep and cows are as boring as the ones back home…;-)

Visited an aboriginal (Koorie) cultural center yesterday. What a great place! Brambuk in the grampians. Worth the drive!

“Skinny flat white”

What you have to say to a Barista in Oz if you want a cappuccino with lo fat milk. A whole new language to learn!…;-) Bradley had to order a “long black” which is just a cup of black coffee. Trying to stay awake for awhile. Walking and coffee will do the trick! (I hope)

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