Peripheral Vision & the Subconscious Mar. 3. 2011

Context, Memory, Proust Mar. 3. 2011

Peripheral Factoids & the Wonderment they Engender Feb.28, 2011

Communal Media Feb.28, 2011

Peripheral & Motion Feb. 25, 2011

Immersive Media & Peripheral Vision/Awareness Feb. 22, 2011

Why immersive? pt.2 Feb. 21, 2011

Why immersive? pt. 1 Feb. 18, 2011

Virtual” immersion Feb. 17, 2011

thoughts arising Jan. 28, 2011

SLIDE LINKS (most of the above postings are outlined in the slide shows from the following links)

“fulldome slide show” … A slide show in which I attempt to make order of a fairly chaotic and interwoven set of ideas and anecdotes and factoids

“messy slide show” …   A slide show containing some notebook pages, images and a few words, designed to show the complexity of the ideas on the subject of fulldome, immersive media, and peripheral awareness/vision. Created in an attempt to torture a non-linear story into a linear form unsuccessfully.


LINKS (to interesting related materials…)

MIT article on “ambient vision” vs. “focal vision.”